Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lambing Day

The great weekend continues.
We went to a village not far from our own today to see lambs and lambing.
They are so cute and cuddly. Why is it that at a few hours to a few days old, they don't mind humans, but as soon as they get a bit bigger they are so timid?

I have spared you the photo of one giving birth. And all without the aid of an epidural!

How about this one who obviously doesn't like the straw!

Apologies to all you vegetarians out there but perhaps their timidity is because they know that we left our phone number to be contacted in a few weeks time for delivery of a lamb - and no of course we won't be cuddling it, we will be making sure that we have plenty of room free in the freezer before then.
Maybe this one is ours.
Come in number 72 your time is nearly up.


Cynnie said...

Hey, I never got an epidural so why should they ?

Lamb is so damn tasty too!

Got the postcards..
I LOVE you!

Liz said...

Oh! You shouldn't have done that! You spoiled what was a cute post!

And why are lambs pretty and sheep ugly?

Age is All in the Mind said...

I really am sorry if I upset you, but I was unfortunately just doing that macho bloke thing. I also found them sweet and I don't just mean the taste (there I go again!)
I don't actually think sheep are not pretty. If you look at the faces they are still pretty but it's the rest of the bulky, dirty body that spoils it.