Thursday, January 25, 2007

Xenophobic or what?

You may have heard of the recent pillaging, pilfering, beachcombing, call it whatever you will, from a recently beached cargo ship on the south coast of the England (the UK version that is). Whilst that in itself is something that takes quite a bit of understanding (see 23 Jan. post at ), I really couldn't believe what I heard on a radio news broadcast last night.
The announcer told us that "work was continuing to try and contain the leakage of fuel oil from the stricken vessel," now here comes the good bit, "but that it was not now seen as so urgent as the wind and weather was taking the oil slick south." Excuse me, what is only about 30-50 miles of the south coast of England? Only the poor buggers on the north coast of France!

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Further on up the road said...

Your point is...? :-)

Actually though this is like when they report a disaster isn't it. Something like a train crash or ferry sinking they'll always say something like...

"Today in blah blah a blah blah crash with the loss of x lives. No British are reported to be among the casulties. Next football and...."

However if there is a Brit involved they have photos, talk to neighbours etc. It seems nothing about the number of others dead could be 10 or 1000 if there's no Brits we're frankly not bothered!