Monday, January 29, 2007

What a weekend?

Where does the time go?

The weather is improving so I managed to get my trusty Honda VFR800 back out on the road this weekend and also to work this morning – I now realise just how much I have missed it.

Mrs DJ and I went out to dinner on Friday at a fabulous Moroccan restaurant. We will definitely have to re-visit as I really struggled to make a choice from the menu as it all looked so good.

My Spinning class at the gym on Sunday morning was a brilliant workout probably made better by the fact that the instructor had put together a new set of music tracks. I discovered a new track that I must find for my collection – ‘Bad to the Bone’ – a fantastic blues track with a good bass line and some great steel guitar on it.

Far too much of yesterday was spent unhooking my sick DVD recorder from the satellite receiver and TV in order to take it for repair. I then spent just as long trying to re-make the connections to my old VHS recorder so that we are able to record stuff over the anticipated 3 weeks that it will take to repair the DVD recorder. I didn't think they were going to rebuild it! Why is it that we need wires like a plate full of spaghetti for technology today? Even worse is the mess of cables under my study desk for my PC and its peripherals even though several of them are wireless enabled.

Despite the impending upheaval here at work with some significant planned layoffs, I am feeling good this morning and ready for the week ahead. It must be the onset of the Spring-like weather.


Liz said...

I thought I asked before, but I can't remember where or even if I did: what is spinning?

Further on up the road said...

Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood and the Destroyers. On that I think he played a Gibson ES125 with P90 pickups and I believe a brass bottleneck slide. How sad am I?

P.S. weird thing - a joint acquaintance of yours and mine with the same surname as me had that very track belting out of his PC on Friday. Spooky!

DeeJay said...

Yes you did but I can't remember where even though I did respond to it. (In this case age is most definitely in the mind!!!)

Spinning is a cardio class using 'bikes' that are stationary with a large flywheel that you can adjust a resistance pad to make harder or easier to pedal. The class is conducted to loud music that has a distinctive beat and some tracks are fast (sprinting) some are slow (uphill) and you ride sometimes seated in the saddle and sometimes standing. I usually burn something like 625 calories in an hour.
Sounds hellish, but it is adictive and I get a real buzz from it