Thursday, December 21, 2006

OK so there is still some physical aspect!

So yesterday I visited my optician for an eye test 6 months ahead of my regular 2-yearly appointment (well as I now get it free - why not?). I have noticed recently that my long sight has been deteriorating with some small problems getting good definition of distant vehicles when driving or being able to read TV captions. I already have a prescription for reading and computer monitor work.

Well the result was that I now apparently need 3 prescriptions. One for reading, one for intermediate screen work and one for driving!

He tried to get me to have a pair of Varifocal spectacles, but I have enough trouble with current intermediate/reading bi-focals so I have opted for another pair of the same with the new intermediate/reading prescription and a separate pair for driving. That should make it a bit safer for other road users :-)

Oh the other bit of news is that I also now qualify for an annual check as my Mother has just been diagnosed with glaucoma.

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Further on up the road said...

Sorry who said that - I can't seem to make you out... ho ho!

Varifocals - more trendy than you think sunshine... I'll get someone to share their experience with you.