Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Holiday

Well better than I had amticipated with a house full of nine people on Christmas Day!
I guess it all really started the Friday before when I collected my 85 y/o mother from the other side of the country (a round trip of some 450 miles) so that she could spend the holiday with us. It was with a littlr trepidation as she is not only physically frail but can be, to put it politely, a little cantankerous in company.

Well Christmas Day dawned with the two of us plus Mum and Mrs DJ's son, and we had an extremely good time echanging presents - all of which worked and fitted without requiring exchange except that is for my new watch. When I pulled out the crown to adjust the time - I lterally pulled out the crown!

We were joined at around lunchtime by Mrs DJ's sister, brother-in-law and two children of 17 and 14 when we had a Christmas banquet.

The most amazing thing was that during the evening all 9 of us from 14 to 85 sat around the table in 3 teams playing Countdown. What an amazing illustartion on teamwork by an enormous age range.

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Further on up the road said...

New Year's Eve - we went to a friends party. Whilst a darts competition was in full flow a few of us ages ranging from 5 - 50+ played charades just for a bit of fun. Great time.