Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Guitar

My good friend Furtheron offered me first refusal at buying one of his guitars as he has bought a new one and needed to make space, raise funds etc by disposing of one of his rather large collection. Well it is rather large in the eyes of his wife and indeed mine who don't seem to understand the need for multiple instruments. OMG I have just had a horrible thought in which I saw Mrs Furtheron and Mrs DeeJay gettting together to discuss the subject - oh please save us!!!

Well as I say being a good friend of mine, how could I let Furtheron down? He brought the guitar into work yesterday and I was immediately smitten. This is a 'real' guitar compared to the "cheapo" that I bought when I started this journey into music almost a year ago. AND it shows! I took it home and last night I had the best practice session I have ever had. Did the guitar do that or is it simply a state of mind knowing that I now have a decent tool in the toolbox? As Furtheron reminded me this morning the other point is that I can no longer blame my inferior guitar for bad playing :-(

So here it is my new Gibson Les Paul, lovingly cared for for the past 5 years by Furtheron and I hope I can treat it and eventually play it as well as he did.


Furtheron said...

I recognise that... :-) I had one of them once... Treat her well and she'll repay you with a lifetime of good times.

Women seem to not understand the need for a large collection - esp. when Mrs F insisted on a count up at the weekend and it hit 13 and realised that one is absent with son at uni. Thanks for buying this as I'm now just at a dozen!

However I had a minor victory when my daughter admited to being able to hear a difference withe new one.

However - I ought really to get rid of one of the basses - given I never really play bass :-)

Liz said...

Oh dear, get treatment now, deejay, before it gets any worse!

No, seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing you and furtheron on youtube in the near future. Playing together.

lady macleod said...

I believe the only appropriate response is 'kicking dude'.

Ayden said...

Congratulations..! That guitar looks beautiful! I am sure you'll have fun with it. I want such a guitar too..