Monday, October 20, 2008

Catch up post

I have been a very occasional blogger of late. I just don’t know where the time goes as I don’t seem to have any time left in my life for blogging.

I have been busy at work with another visit to Berlin last week – a good photo opportunity also for upcoming ABC Wednesday posts!

On the home front, I was extremely disappointed to have to withdraw from the 10k race that I entered and for which so many people were generous to sponsor me in aid of the British Heart Foundation. On my fourth training run for the event I injured my knee and after two weeks of literally not even being able to walk more than 50 metres without pain, I obtained advice from my GP. He organised an x-ray and to cut a long story short, he has now advised me that I should stop running as there is evidence of knee joint wear. Oh well I will just have to do a cycle ride instead as I cannot let all of those donors down.

Mrs DeeJay and I spent the weekend in London, primarily to go to the We Will Rock You show,

but also spent time at the National Gallery

and the British Museum

(they made my knee ache!) We had a great time at all three and topped off the visit with some fine dining at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.


jmb said...

Too bad about your knee Deejay but best be prudent. Good luck with cycling.
Long time since I've been to the National Gallery and the British Museum, 47 years in fact. Time for a return visit methinks.

Furtheron said...

My wife was at the National Gallery and the Imperial War Museum yesterday with 50+ kids in tow on a whirlwind school trip.

She was fast asleep even earlier than normal on the sofa last night :-)

Oh - P.S. the lunch was really nice yesterday - thanks!