Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charity Run

I have been boring and pestering all of my friends and work colleagues with this, so I decided that my blog readers shouldn't get away with it.
Thanks to relentless peer pressure from Mrs DeeJay and many of the guys I share my gym with, I finally succumbed and agreed to enter a 10 kilometre race in October. It is unfortunately, (and that was the reason for my reticence), not a 'fun run' directly in aid of charity but a rather more serious athletic club run with some very serious times posted in last year's event.
So having been badgered into entering, I decided that I would not let the opportunity go to waste and have set up a fund raising page in aid of The British heart Foundation. This way I am doing something positive with my efforts and in addition I am closing off all possibilities of backing out!

The little widget on the left allows you to see how my fund raising efforts are progressing and more importantly will allow you to donate if you feel so moved to do so.

I have so far done two training runs of 6.5k and 7.5k respectively. The first one was a killer although not at the time. I foolishly did it early in the morning on the same day as I played a round of golf in the evening and on the following morning found I could hardly walk down the stairs because my thighs were so painful. The weekend's allotment digging seemed to cure that quickly and Monday morning's run went without a hitch. I now need to increase the distance to reach 10k before 12th October and also to up the pace a bit as I am currently looking at a race time of between 60 & 70 minutes. I would ideally like to get it down to around 50 minutes if I can.

Please comment and give me encouragement as at this point in time I feel desperately in need of some

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