Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend tales

A great weekend for weather with Mrs DeeJay and I doing as little as possible in the way of household chores in order to be able to spend as much time in the sunshine as we could. Three BBQs in three evenings from Friday to Sunday,culminating with sitting out in the garden until VERY late on Sunday.
We had to visit the allotment twice a day to water everything as it has been so hot, but all of our delayed crops; due to late sowing, not starting off plants early in the greenhouse this year and also our holiday falling at a time when they really needed our attention; have started to really put on a lot of growth now. The potato crop is superb this year and we have been dining on young juicy broad beans recently.

Have you ever heard of "Cupping Massage"?
On my penultimate visit to the Chinese lady who has been treating me with acupuncture to cure my rhinitis (and yes it certainly seems to have cured it) she suggested in her imperfect English that a session (pronounced as COPY Massage) would alleviate the rather 'thick' sensation that I have in my throat. The principle is to massage the chi channels in the back which have an effect on many areas of the body.
A sucker for a lovely smile and being a very trusting soul, I agreed.
Being on my front with my face in the little hols in the massage table, I had no idea what to expect nor indeed what she was preparing behind me. The first I knew of the fact that this was to be no ordinary massage that one might experience at a spa, was when I felt a very warm 'plop' as something appeared to be attached to my back. Aha, I thought, a variation on the old hot stone massage. Nope - wrong!
There were several of these 'attachments' to my back at which point she told me that "some people experience a slight change of skin colour after a treatment. She then proceeded to slide these attachments around my back with what seemed to be a fairly heavy pressure to a gleeful exclamation of "oh yes your back is changing colour".
I discovered when looking in her mirror when putting my shirt back on that my back was covered in a mottled bruise that is still with me, although somewhat faded, today. It looks as though I have taken a severe beating and it has accounted for some very funny looks in the gym locker room yesterday and this morning.
I will keep my big mouth closed in future!!

For an idea of what it was all about see these two videos


Denise said...

Weather here has been glorious but now change! Flooda are predicted!

jmb said...

Yes, but did it work? What exactly is that disease, a thick sensation in the throat? Best be quiet next time.

Anonymous said...

Very peculiar! How could that possibly work I wonder? My allotment is also great and a blaze of colour amongst me more serious neighbours as I have nasturtiums and sunflowers...

Liz said...

Did you find out what it was?!