Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I thought that I would post here some of the comment that I have just left on Furtheron's blog as both his latest post and this comment may help someone else feeling lethargic and somewhat despairing as we both seem to have been over the past few days.

Its an amazing coincidence about how both Furtheron and I have been feeling recently because not only did we both discover yesterday that we have a really bad case of procrastination at the moment, but also we both separately experienced extreme frustration and doom & gloom last night over some really quite insignificant things.
I will let you read Furtheron's own account, but last night when I discovered that my home PC has died I really went into an "end of the world" thought process thinking about all the things I needed from the PC and could simply not do without. I was as grumpy as hell until Mrs DeeJay simply said "its only a bloody PC" well actually she didn't swear 'cos she doesn't do that like me.
That really pulled me up for a few minutes and made me realise that there are far worse things that could have happened and it is really not that important after all.
The good thing about it is that youngest son, who built it for me in the first place 'cos he is a geek like that, is now going to visit the weekend after next to fix it. See there is a silver lining in everything

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