Monday, July 14, 2008

Easing back into work!

First week back from holiday last week was made a little easier by having another day off on Friday to play in my work's golf society Summer meeting. 36 holes comprised of an 18 hole competition in the morning for one of our annual trophies followed by a team Texas Scramble over 18 ho;es in the afternoon, was made all the more enjoyable as I won the morning competition and came second with my team in the afternoon. The weather was good all day despite dire warnings of rain and we had a good lunch, dinner and prize giving.

The weekend continued the good weather with only intermittent cloud cover which enabled Mrs DeeJay and me to spend some time on the allotment. We had masses of weed to remove which had grown up whilst we were on holiday and I dug some more of our early crop potatoes (Arun Pilot and Maris Piper). They have done remarkably well this year, especially when compared to last year's almost total failure due to the excessive rain. This year's have cropped very heavily and they are all of a good size with very little pest damage. We pulled rhubard and some beetroots, also our first shallots and onions.
Now that I have some space released by two to three rows of potatoes, we also planted some spinach and some late parsnips.

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Liz said...

Congratulations! Makes the return to work a little less burdensome.