Monday, April 14, 2008

This feels like a second home!!

Here I am again back on the east coast of the USA sitting in my lovely Marriott hotel room catching up on the 66 emails that have flooded my Inbox since I logged off on Friday evening. I know what there game is, wait until I am in the air and then send as many Re:, Re:, Re: emails as they can. Well I have fixed their little game I now read the latest first that has the whole sorry trail in it and then I get to delete all the others ha ha!

I bought my first electric guitar on Saturday so I was not too happy about having to plant out my potatoes and onions on the allotment on Sunday, but it made me get onwith it all the quicker so I could get back home and play. Mrs DeeJay soon had me feeling a little guity though, as I haven't bought a set of headphones yet, so along with most of the street she had the pleasure of listening to my practice!

Here it is


caroline said...

Just had a look at your blog,it was the bike that took my fancy!
what a bike does it belong to you?

Anonymous said...

ooooh nice :0)

I'm so behind this year, everywhere is dug but not yet planted :0(

Further on up the road said...

like the look of the guitar....

You should have left it in my capable hands whilst you were away... :-)

My son will flip - he hates Tele's (apart from the Jim Root signature or the latest John5 signature one which has the three enforcer humbuckers on it) and hates semi-acoustics even more. I think it's my angling to get one and go all jazz on him. A thinline tele - just about the nadir in guitar terms as you can get for him...

caroline said...

In America what you doing there work?
Do you like bikes i crave them.
I only support Gillingham cause i was born and spent my childhood years in Kent,moved away when i was
14.Now live in Gloucester.
So your from Kent the white horse!!

Anonymous said...

You need to learn to play like Newton faulkner, (look on youtube) ;0)

ask Furtheron ;0)

Further on up the road said...

only Furtheron can't play like that!

Afirmative on the reaction of the son to the guitar "Oh no he hasn't, No not one of THEM!" Very funny

Liz said...

Oh very nice. (Not that I know one guitar from another.)