Monday, April 7, 2008

Emotional Weekend

Well I have a had a wonderful but very emotionally fired weekend, not helped by the tiredness resulting from late nights and 500+ miles of driving, much of it on horrible rain/sleet/ snowy motorways.

This past weekend saw my Mother’s 87th birthday, my eldest son’s 36th birthday and my youngest son’s partner’s birthday. My eldest son who lives in San Diego and who has not been home for 4 years was here on holiday with his wife, so we all met up for the weekend and had a celebratory dinner on Saturday night.
So you can understand my mixed emotions of joy at seeing eldest son again in the company of youngest son and my Mother but the sadness at leaving them all yesterday evening knowing that eldest son and his wife are flying home today.

I have resolved to visit them in San Diego towards the end of the year

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Further on up the road said...

Can't you find a reason to visit CA on work my friend? :-)