Monday, April 21, 2008

Another gem from my American trip

So listening to some of the ads on the early morning TV as I was getting ready to depart on Friday, I had to do a double take to ensure that I actually heard what I thought I heard on an ad about teeth whitening strips. Although not verbatim the voice over went something like this
"xxxxx is preferred by more people than the leading selling brand"

Hello, excuse me, wouldn't that make it the leading selling brand? DOH!


Baht At said...

errr no the leading brand (Heinz baked beans) is the one that sells most.

The slogan you quoted is used by branstons baked beans (which I prefer over the leading brand)

Further on up the road said...

I normally buy the cheapest as whatever the commodity normally there is little difference... well apart from baked beans clearly.

What is a whitening strip anyway - surely it's just ripping the enamel that protects your teeth off? :-)

caroline said...

Pearl drops are the best:0)
Value bakebeans yuk,all this advertising just to make money!

You had a look at any new bikes yet?

Liz said...

Well, not necessarily.

And seeing the other comments I'll just add my fourpennorthworth: there is only one brand of baked beans and that is heinz.

Anonymous said...

Beanz meanz heinz :0)

Usually do my own just because I have 1 child who gets very hyper.

Beans are a nightmare in your cleavage though ;0)

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

interesting to read but are you on a travel or what?

Anonymous said...