Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What an Easter weekend!

I know that Easter is a few weeks earlier this year, but what an amazing difference in the weather from last year's glorious weekend. Rain, hail, SNOW! and bitter cold. Of course now that we are back to work although it is still cold the sun is shining and there is a glorious blue sky. I wonder how long that is going to last?
At least I managed to get out on the allotment yesterday afternoon and managed to turn about three quarters of the plot but it was so wet and heavy it really was hard work. At least it kept me warm - no I mean HOT! I have potatoes in seed trays shooting and just waiting to go in but with these frosts and the wet ground I dare not even think about it yet.

I didn't get tickets (more to the point probably couldn't afford them) for The Eagles gig at the O2 arena on Sunday but managed the second best thing and went with Mrs DeeJay to see The Illegal Eagles at Folkestone. They were even better than I remember them from a couple of years ago due to a change in the line up with a brilliant new lead singer, Danny Vaughn, who is a pretty good guitarist also. I think that reading the reviews of The Eagles gig, I probably got the better deal.

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