Monday, January 21, 2008

It has been a long time

I have just noticed that I haven't posted here since 2nd January! I don't know why really as I have been avidly reading all my favourite blogs so it has not been an issue of time.
I put it down to simply being a boring old fart with nothing much to write about in my life for the past 3 weeks or so.
So, nothing changed there then, but I will ramble on for a few lines.
As I was mentioning in my January 2nd post, I started the New Year off with yet another business trip to the U.S. The planned airport strikes were cancelled and all went well with the trip. In fact it was better than expected as the usual Connecticut January weather was markedly absent and the hat, scarf, gloves etc that I took were not needed at all.

I just had a bit of a 'geek' weekend as I bought a new printer for my home PC. I have got finally fed up with the intermittent failure of my old one. It is about 10 years old so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised but some days it took about 10 attempts to get it to boot up properly and print. So I bought myself a nice new multi function one. Isn't it amazing though in these days of "plug 'n' play" peripherals it still takes forever to load relevant drivers and set up the darn things. This wasn't helped of course by the masses of disk space that these things need to load up all the manuals and this particular installation insisted that they had to go on my already crowded C: drive even though I had plenty of space on my D: data drive, so I had to spend time cleaning up my C: drive.
Well I know that Windows has a habit of storing temporary files, but I was under the impression that it cleaned them up when you closed down. Not so! I found masses of small and large files hiding away and managed to regain about 1.5 Gb!!!!!
I must stop watching all those porn flicks they take up so much space :-)

Oh by the way did I say that I also treated myself to a nice new shiny 22" flat wide screen monitor? No?, oh well I deserved a bit of self indulgence.

I will try to keep up with more regular postings, so please stay with me as I intend to keep reading yours.


Further on up the road said...

McAfee quick clean - simple to use and clears out associated temp files and all sorts of junk from Internet etc. Didn't cost much and has been a boon - oh yes you can ask it to "shred" the files so that they are completely unrecoverable - thus the residual "porn flicks" will be banished forever... :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Deejay, you were missed but thanks for visiting. We are in the midst of deciding on a new PC. I know what spec I want but it is a case of finding one that suits the limited budget. Why don't they make those, I wonder.

Liz said...

22"?! Impressive.