Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Review

OK so the holiday period in the UK is not quite over as my company closes down for the holiday from Christmas to New Year, but with other folks already returning to work and the remaining days feeling like little more than a long weekend, I thought it was time to look back over the holiday.

Overall, it was a really good Christmas for me. I went to my youngest son’s last weekend to stay with them for one night on my way to collect my 86 y/o mother and bring her back home to celebrate with us.

On Christmas Day we went to Essex to spend the day with Mrs DeeJay’s sister and family – 9 of us all together. It was a little bit hectic as we stayed at home in the morning and opened our presents and then drove the 40 something miles to be with them until very late that evening, getting home again at nearly midnight. The following couple of days were spent being very lazy at home and spending some quality time with my Mother and Mrs DeeJay’s son who also came home for the holiday but had to return to work on Thursday.

Yesterday Mrs DeeJay, my mother and I went to Bluewater shopping mall to primarily exchange presents that did not fit etc, but as you may have expected with two women in tow, we spent a considerable time looking at the Sale goods (clothing of course!). The day was a mix of feelings for me as it was the first time my mother has needed the use of a wheelchair to get around and it instantly brought home to me how frail she has become in the last 12 months. It also brought back memories of pushing my father around the shops in a wheelchair 25 years ago before his untimely and very young death.

I have had a very musical Christmas this year with several albums from Gordon Giltrap to Muddy Waters and Howlin’Wolf as well as Wishbone Ash, The Scissor Sisters, Gary Moore, Billy Idol and – shall I admit to this one – Kylie Minogue (including the DVD).

In addition, Mrs DeeJay having become fed up with my incessant questioning “who’s that then” whenever a track begins playing on the radio, bought me a quiz game ‘Spot the Intro’ which we have played several times over the holiday. And yes, I have upheld my champion title throughout!!

Oh well although I still have 3 days left, one of which will be spent driving the 500 mile round trip to take my mother home, I suppose my attention will slowly turn back towards work and a planned tough year ahead. The first hurdle to jump is the threatened BAA strike for 7th January which is the day I am supposed to be travelling to the U.S. I hope that it is averted as the only alternative I have is to try to get my tickets changed to travel on the Sunday.


Merelyme said...

be safe on your long drive. sounds like you had a wonderful holiday...i am glad. whatcha doing for new years?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It sounds like you had a happy and fairly relaxing Xmas, Deejay - apart from the sales! I can understand your sadness at realising your mother is growing frail - it always comes as a shock. But let's hope she will continue to celebrate festivities with you for some time to come. I'm sure she thinks the world of her attentive son.
Happy New Year to you all from Sicily.

Further on up the road said...

Missed you at Bluewater - we were all there smae day on a post Christmas shopping trip. We went early - i.e. there before 10am and bailed out early pm though as it was too busy for us by then.

Happy New Year - see you Wednesday.

Liz said...

My friend is due to fly to Cyprus on 9th and is hoping her flight will not be affected. Actually you wrote this post a few days ago: has anything been settled? I miss the PM programme when I'm on holiday mode and don't know what's going on in the world.