Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post holiday Bliss & Blues

OK, so here we go with some holiday memories and reflections tinged with sadness that it is all over.

The Highs

Firstly, what a lovely island Mauritius (Ile Maurice) is.

The resort, the people and the general ambience of the place was a tonic and just what I needed to counteract all of the stress of this year at work and in my personal life.

It is such a shame that these lovely people are being taken advantage of by the holiday companies. When you compare the prices being charged by these companies with the standard of compensation and living of the local people, it is all too clear that someone is making a killing.

We stayed at a hotel named Beau Rivage and were overawed by the standard of service and the beautifully kept gardens, pool, restaurants (4 of them) and the beach.

We were not allowed to raise a finger for ourselves with staff even spotting when you were about to clean your sunglasses and immediately rushing to your aid to spray and clean the lenses for you!

We spent most of our time on the beach and at the pool soaking up the sun and swimming as well as taking advantage of the free water sports facilities, the gym and the cycles available to explore the local towns.

We also spent a day touring the north of the island where we submerged to a depth of 35 metres in a submarine on the reef and the wreck of a Japanese ship. Afterwards we visited the almost unpronounceable Sir Seewoogasur Ramgoolam botanical gardens which used to be named Pamplemousses Gardens.

Mrs Deejay dressed in a Sari for dinner on a special Indian Dinner evening.

The Lows

Well actually there was only one and that was having to leave to come home, facing a 12 hour flight and knowing that my next significant activity would be to resume work – ugh!

I am now going to commence catching up on the blog postings of my ‘blog family’ as Merelyme so aptly described this wonderful group of cyber friends


Anonymous said...

You could not have returned to worse weather if anything like it is here today! I'm staying in because I can but going back to work must be hard. Try and hold onto the holiday mood/mode when you are at home in the evenings. Lovely photos and Mrs Deejay looked wonderful in her sari.

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Fascinating, Deejay - I knew nothing of this place before this. Well except for this girl you know but that's anotehr story ...

Anna said...

It really does look beautiful! Mauritius is definitely on my wish-list. But we are saving up to visit Costa Rica (here's hoping)... even if it does take years! (hey, maybe we will be able to sell some excess vegetables and raise funds... ahem....)

Anna said...

PS, we got the keys to the plot! I will go and take some photographs when the weather improves a bit. So far we have only measured and planned - we are waiting for the key to the shed so we can take some tools etc up. We start digging this weekend.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a fabulous time you had and it looks like paradise. As you say, someone is making a killing and it isn't the locals, but at least you recognise that. Your photos are wonderful and Mrs deejay looks lovely in her sari. No wonder you had difficulty tearing yourself away from the island!

Liz said...

It looks fabulous. What an amazing holiday. And Mrs Ageis is very gorgeous.

Hope returning to work isn't as bad as you anticipated!