Wednesday, July 25, 2007

British Flood Disaster

In order to gain a wider audience for the discussion that I have been having with Shirl over on her blog, I thought I would make a post of my own about the trauma suffered by thousands of folks here in the UK over recent days due to torrential rain causing severe flooding where it has never occurred before. I think Shirl's post of Tuesday 14th July just about sums up the emotions of sadness for the poor folks affected and of anger that once again too little is being done too late to help.

I also point you to Raedwald's post also of Tuesday about the government's potential treasury windfall arising from this disaster.

PLEASE - Give To The British Red Cross National Flood Appeal


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post highlighting the appeal, ageis.

Of course, the real thanks will come, anonymously, from all those the Red Cross will reach with aid, comfort and support...which will be needed long after the water recedes...if it does! What a thought I've just had - is this another Age? The Water Age...what an horrendous thought.

Hootin'Anni said...

Ya, I read about this. It's a sad dilemma for sure. Hope it begins to dry out for them soon!! [We in Texas Coast area are flooding too...and getting MORE rains!]

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