Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gary Moore Gig

As previously announced here and on Furtheron's blog, we went to see Gary at Folkestone on Friday night. Well I know I went with another colleague from work but I can't guarantee that Furtheron and his son went as we didn't actually get to meet up. It was a sell out gig and the Leas Cliff Hall, which isn't very big to start with, was packed and very very hot.
Gary was brilliant as expected except for his little petulant moment at the beginning of the show when he stormed off after have a row with his roadie about the set up of the equipment. However on his return 5 minutes or so later he then performed for the best part of 2 hours giving us some old and new numbers. All of them were examples of his virtuoso guitar playing.
There was a terrific support act whose name I never did find out. I have noticed recently that the support acts seem to be improving in quality. They were a 5 piece blues band from the U.S. (with a rather attractive red-headed girl on bass) who at times reminded me of Steely Dan. The band that is not the bass guitarist :-) I really must try to find out who they were.

I have just found out that Thin Lizzy are performing there in December so must get organised and get some tickets for that. It is a must see gig!

P.S. 2 hours later - Lizzy ticket ordered and found out that the supporting band for Gary Moore was Otis Taylor, his daughter Cassie on bass, Jonn Richardson on lead guitar and Josh Kelly on drums.

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Further on up the road said...

Yes we did go - in the crush to the left of the stage. I was going to post the answers to your questions but you found them out altready.

Might see you at the Lizzy gig as I like Queensryche as well.

One thing - the guitar that was giving all the problems was Gary's original '59 Les Paul - not the one Peter Green gave him, he recently sold that and was up for sale again at $2million! So a '59 might be great for tone and worth probably £250,000 but funny he ended up with the one a year old and many 1000s less as it was reliable... :-)