Monday, April 16, 2007

Do I really have to go to school (WORK) today Mum??

I really did NOT want to come in to the office today.

After a fantastic almost summer like weekend the temptation was to stay at home to get what looks like a repeat performance today.

On Saturday I continued the cultivation of my allotment with the sowing of cabbage, parsnip, broad bean and carrot seeds. I also planted 60 onion sets. The spinach that I sowed last weekend is already showing through.

Yesterday after a pretty strenuous Spinning workout at the gym, I decided that minimal extra effort was to be the order of the day, so I simply applied a weed & feed dressing to my lawn and then sat in the garden, read the papers and my book with of course the obligatory glass or two of wine. We even had the first BBQ of the year for dinner yesterday evening.

And to cap it all what about the boy Toseland? Made my journey to work on the bike a lot quicker this morning :-)

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