Monday, January 22, 2007

Badge of Honour

As you go through life there are certain points (mostly in the earlier years) where certain entitlements are treated as badges of honour.

Take the first time you are entitled to legally take a drink in licensed premises, to purchase tobacco products, to hold a driving licence, to be eligible for taking early retirement (that’s all you public service workers with index linked pensions – sorry for the dig, as you can see I am not one).

Well, below is my newest badge of honour – my concessionary bus pass and even though I will probably never use it I am proud to be eligible for it!


Remember the daft words search (3 musketeers)?

Well how about “wireless” as used to describe a radio receiver – how do you do that without any wires?


Further on up the road said...

You have to use it just once.... :-)

Preferably on a Wed when you can go to the local DIY store for the discount.... :-)

DeeJay said...

Maybe I should wait until I buy a pull along shopping basket and go to Tescos at the same time :-)

shellz said...

HA HA! I am one of those public service workers, and trust me, it is not all it's cracked up to me. I am plotting my escape as we speak...pension or no pension!!