Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have succumbed to the call to Blog!

I have enjoyed subscribing to and reading other folk's blogs for some time now but have never felt the urge to write one. However that has changed after a discussion this week so let's see if this is a one off or perhaps I will be able to keep it up. (Perhaps I should re-phrase that on a blog about age :-) )

So I was having a discussion with a colleague who has just reached the ripe old age of 31! She told me that she was particularly uncomfortable about being 31. I thought she said it was bad enough last year when she reached 30.

So that got me thinking, why should she be so upset about attaining 31 when I feel quite comfortable about having reached my 60th this year? I can only put it down to purely being a state of mind in which you view life and its opportunities.

I am comfortable with where I am on account of being clear about what it is I want and need out of life, about what I have under my belt in terms of experience that enables me to tackle life in a pragmattic way and of course in being comfortable about not wanting to over-achieve against my capabilities. I suppose alongside that is understanding what my capabilities are.

Even so I am not trying to convey that I have in any way given up.
- I still want to continue working
- I have just learnt for the first time to ride a motorcycle and am now the proud owner of a 850cc machine.
- I have just bought a new car - 230bhp Mazda RX8
- I work out regualrly 4 to 5 times a week, play golf and run the occasional charity race

So it must be in the mind. - How do I persuade my colleague that 30 is a great threshold?

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