Sunday, October 19, 2014

Something that confirms that perhaps its not all in the mind after all

Well, I have nor blogged for a really long time now but suddenly feel the urge.
two months or so ago my Mother passed away. 
Of course I am sad, in fact I am bloody devastated, but at 93, in a lot of pain day and night she had said many times that she had had enough and was ready to go.
I got the call from 230 miles away on a Friday night that she had little time left as her kidneys had stopped functioning. Mum was told by the medics that she could be taken into hospital where there was a slim chance that the damage could be stabilised or she could stay at home where she would without doubt die within 48 hours. 
My brother and I decided that we would honour her wishes to stay at home (discussed at some considerable length with the doctors) and to ensure her DNR request was complied with.

Then followed the most distressing 4 days of my life as I watched her life ebb away, sometimes in an agitated state but she achieved what she wanted - to be out of pain and once more to be with Dad who had passed away some 32 years ago.

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